Review: Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian

As you may have noticed at the end of June I was on a Rick Riordan kick, and this book I read in a day. I wasn’t working so I was in my new favourite reading place, our hammock and just read all day.  

Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian by Rick Riordan book cover

This book is the final installment in the Percy Jackson Series. This book sees Percy become sixteen and fulfil the Great Prophecy which was alluded to throughout the series come to pass.  We also see the gods come up against old foes and are forced into action. 

The characters we have followed throughout the series so far have all matured and in the case of Percy he is about to turn 16. This growth of character is shown through the maturity that they show when faced with choices regarding life and death and the potential impact this will have on their friends and the entirety of the city Mount Olympus is based in.  While they may question themselves they commit to a decision regardless of how difficult this is.  

Grover starts leading the Satyrs and spirits of nature, Percy leads all the cabins in battle and knows when the best times are to take advice.  Annabeth understood that family can be the most important thing whether chosen or otherwise.  The rest of the characters involved willingly overlook their differences to support each other and provide hope where there may have otherwise been none. 

This book is clearly the end of this series, though Rick Riordan did allow another prophecy for the Heroes of Olympus series which I will probably read soon.  I personally really like the way that the author writes,  the books are fast paced with enough mysteries presented early on to keep the reader not only second guessing themselves but makes you feel that the main characters are in a danger which they may not be able to overcome. 

I felt that one of the themes in this book is Family.  To some family are those that they are related to biologically or legally, to others they choose their family often being close friends that you know will be there no matter what. This book explores family dynamics, understandably the family dynamics between the immortal gods are complex and in some cases convoluted.  It also shows that those who go to Half-Blood Camp are there for each other, and consider each other family however distant the relationship may be.  

Another key theme explored is choice.  There are a number of key choices during the book which completely changes the outcome of the situation that they are facing.  One of these choices was a very difficult choice and altered the entire story.  Another key choice was presented to one of the gods, to decide to support their siblings or ignore what is happening and let the world they know crumble.  All of these key moments prove the power of choice and the impact a single choice can have on an outcome. 

This book satisfied me, all the plot lines were neatly tied together. I felt that the characters all had their deserved endings, and while there were some bittersweet moments the ending made me feel content. 


I will rate this book four stars as it is a satisfying ending and well written but I felt that while it was a great book I could have put it down. 

June Wrap Up

June has been a lovely month, the weather has been a little hit and miss but I actually took a break from my job for a whole week.  Something I haven’t done since September 2019.  Meaning this was the first week I have taken off since starting Indulgent Readers. The vast majority of my week was spent reading which is great. I also took the opportunity to write a few posts for the next few weeks.  

This month I finished six books and 1,797 pages which while I have read more books compared to last month the number of pages I have read has reduced from May. After I finished Medievalathon I did find it difficult to find my motivation to read again. 

Percy Jackson and the  Last Olympian by Rick RIordan Book cover,

My favourite book of the month was Percy Jackson and the Last Olymian, the review will be coming out soon, but I loved the way that this series ended, but if you want to hear more you will have to wait for my review.  

My first review of the month was Kingdom of Ash, the final instalment of the Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas. (It feels like ages ago that I actually read this)

I also published reviews for the first three books in the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan:

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse

I wrote about my first experience of readathons this month,  I am currently taking part in another readathon which ends mid-July and I hope I will be able to find some for August. 

My second series wrap up was completed and was about the Throne of Glass series which I really loved. 

My final post of the month was the Mid Year Freak Out tag,  and this was actually my most popular post of the month (even though it was only done recently!). 

As I have already said I have finished the Percy Jackson series, so you can look forward to those reviews coming out soon. I am reading The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss at the moment and I hope to share my thoughts on this book soon. 

What was your favourite read of the month?  What are you looking forward to reading in July? 

Review: Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth

I have yet another review for a book in the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. I read the majority of this series during my week off, curled up in my new favourite reading space, a hammock.  

Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth, by Rick Riordan book cover

Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth progresses the story of Percy and his friends,   as they enter the dark ever changing mythological Labyrinth, to find its creator.  In this book we also meet a couple of new mythological people including Hera and Calypso.

In this book we learn a little more about Nico, who while not a main character is clearly becoming more important as the books go on.  Percy is dreaming about what Nico is up to and the readers are only seeing small snippets of what Nico is doing.  

Grover accompanies them on Annabeth’s quest hoping to find the Great God Pan, this leads to the group splitting up and Tyson continuing to travel with Grover despite the issues that Grover has been struggling with regarding his experience with Cyclopes’.  

The above challenges allow the characters to demonstrate their growth, and in this book we see that they are starting to mature.  In this book Percy is about to turn 15 and the other characters are of a similar age.  This is reflected in some of the themes that the book addresses.  

Rick Riordan writes this book in a way that keeps supplying mysteries to the reader, even the end of the book ends with a mystery which encourages you to read the next book as soon as possible (i am very glad that the series was complete by the time i first read them!).  I also like the way that Riordan  has introduced more and more of the Greek gods  to the readers in each book.  It helps to ensure that the reader is not overwhelmed or trying to keep each god straight in their head. 

One of the themes in this book is overcoming your fears, this book allows Grover to confront more than one fear.  He not only ends up facing his fear of Cyclopes’, which is very rational, he also has to face the fear of being underground.  He accepts that these fears are something that he had to face to be worthy of his search for the god Pan.  

This book also addresses the theme of growing up, we see the characters develop their relationships and their feelings.  Grover has become more mature and he recognises that his bravery could lead to a great reward.  The characters also have started having romantic relationships.  This helps to demonstrate that characters are becoming more mature and are growing as happens in real life.  

The fourth book in the Percy Jackson series finishes with a high amount of tension and I could not help but feel that the ending was bitter sweet. Throughout the book you start to become more nervous for the characters and worried for if the characters will come through to the ending of the book. 


I am giving this book 4 stars,  I have loved reading it and it did sweep me up into the mythical world, 

Mid Year Freak Out Tag

We are at the end of June and while I planned on doing the Mid Year Freak out tag slightly earlier, I haven’t quite got around to it.  June seems to be the perfect time to start freaking out about all the books that I am yet to read this year.  


Startdust by Neil Gaiman book cover
Stardust book cover

There are a couple that I was torn between but Stardust is currently the best I have read this year. 


Kingdom of Ash, by Sarah J Maas, book cover
Kingdom of Ash book cover

As i have read a number of series so far this year this was a little difficult to choose but Kingdom of Ash was an amazing sequel and was worth every page. 


House of Earth and Blood, by Sarah J Maas, Book cover
House of Earth and Blood book cover

I have read a lot of Sarah J Maas this year but her newest release House of Earth and Blood I am yet to read.  While I am taking a break from reading Sarah J Maas I am planning on reading this one soon.  


Tower of Nero, Trials of Apollo, by Rick Riordan book cover
Tower of Nero book cover

I am really looking forward to reading The Tower of Nero by Rick Riordan, though I do need to read the Tyrant’s Tomb first.


Divergent, by Veronica Roth, book cover
Divergent book cover

Currently this is Divergent, I will write about this later in the year. I would like to give it another go but my first attempt reading it did ot go well. 


Tower of Dawn, Sarah J Maas, book cover
Tower of Dawn book cover

Tower of Dawn If you have read my review of this I did say at the time that I had put off but it surprised me.  If you are reading the series do not skip this book, not only is it integral to the plot it is also a really good read.  


This year was the first time I read anything solely by Neil Gaiman and I feel that I should read more of his writing. 


I don’t have a fictional crush. 


Nico di Angleo,  he is such a complex character and he has such a positive influence on Percy Jackson and the Olympians.  I also feel that he is under appreciated by a lot readers.  


A lot of books have made me cry this year…though i am aware I cry easily.  The book I cried at most was Kingdom of Ash, but as I have listed that one already I am going to say that it was Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian, as it is heartbreaking. 


Good Omens book cover

Good Omens made me laugh so much. It made me very happy at the humor in it was just my cup of tea. 


Stardust.  Though I had seen the film prior to reading the book but it is such a good film it deserves another shout out. 


I can’t remember the last book that I bought but I was bought Name of the Wind and while the cover is dark it is beautiful and have some good contrasts.  


I am trying to not commit to any specific books at the moment as I seem to be struggling to get to the books that I have been saying that I will read on my Blog. But I really want to read the Inheritance Cycle this year.  

I want to know what your favourite book of the year so far is? What are you most looking forward to reading in the last six months of the year?  Let me know below.  

Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse Review

The weekend was a long one for me, I got in the car on Sunday evening, for the first time since March.  It was a shock for me to realise this.  I have not been in a car for a quarter of the year.  Clearly I do not really need them in my life, which gives me hope for a reduction in car use in the future. In addition I managed to write my review for Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse. 

In this book we meet a number of new god’s and Percy Jackson ends up in another quest.  Percy was not originally meant to take part in the quest, but due to his stubbornness he follows the quest and ends up joining them.  

Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse by Rick Riordan book cover
The Titan’s Curse

In this book the number of gods that we meet in creases and we learn more about the mythology surrounding them. I will admit that the first time I read this series I had to google who everyone wass, as my memory of Greek history was not great.  However I love how the series slowly introduces each gods or goddesses, and while in some cases they are mentioned in passing there is often some context for the reader to learn more about them. In this book we are introduces to Artemis and her Hunters. I think it is lovely that all her hunters are female, when it is traditionally a male occupation. 

This story is where Percy seems to mature.  Before this point in the series he has been a boy who is overwhelmed by the things around him and just allows himself to be swept up in the quests that he becomes involved in.  in THe Titan’s Curse, Percy starts to realise how his impulsive decisions can impact on others.  This is reflected in Percy’s emotional growth during the book seen in the change in his stance on his mother dating.  

The way each of these books are written allows the reader to ignore everything around them and just want to carry on with reading.  This book in particular makes the reader want to pick up the next one, and the ending is ominous almost insisting that you pick up the next book.   I also felt that the key monsters in each book are getting more resilient.  This leads to more tension and you wanting to read the book all the more. 

One of the key themes in this book is love.  It is no accident that this is the first time we meet Aphrodite.  While it is not instantly clear to the reader,  the Goddess of Love has taken a keen interest in Percy and his current interest in one of the characters. The opposition is also shown from Artemis and the Hunters, who vow to never have anything to do with boys.. This opposition is demonstrated with Aphrodite’s dismissal of the Hunters Percy and Grover are travelling with.  However it is demonstrated at the end of the book that while the Hunters do not partake in romantic love this does not mean that they do not love each other familiarly nor does it prevent them from sacrificing themselves when needed. 

Another theme I have already addressed which is growing up.  It is not something that you will instantly think of but as an adult I have reflected and there was a time when my parents or role model would question everything about each of my decisions. As I got older the adults in my life rather than questioning decided to support my decisions stating that I would be responsible for the consequences of my actions.  Which is what occurs to Percy throughout this book. 

This book gave me some more mysteries to solve, through reading the next book, which I will be doping as soon as I have finished writing this blog post.  The end of the Titan’s Curse is ominous and it is certainly motivating me to read more.  


I am going to give this book 4 stars, it is a little darker than the previous one and the ominous ending is a great motivator.