Review of City of Glass by Cassandra Clare

This is the third in the Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare. I will do a full series wrap up but as I have recently read the first and second books but did not yet have this platform so I didn’t take notes for my reviews. Now as a completionist not having the other books on here will probably irritate me but unless I reread them in the future…. I am not going to write a review… well not at this point in time.

Book cover of City of Glass by Cassandra Clare, Book three of the Mortal Instruments series

In this book you come to know most of the characters more intimately which allows the reader to understand the characters motivations. One thing that I really love is that with the explination of the characters the reader is left to decide if the character, is a bad person or just someone who made the wrong decisions. It also reveals a number of things about some of their fears and prejudices helps you to see that people can change and you can if you have the right motivation.

There was a lot of hints and foreshadowing in the previous books which pull together perfectly.

There were a number of plot elements within the book that I managed to predict however this did not detract from my over all enjoyment of the plot. Maybe that just says that I read too many young adult novels.

The settings are strong and this is the first time that the reader sees the home of the Shadowhunters. In some places I personally felt that there was too much description which could distract me from understanding or keeping track with what the characters were doing.

A lot happens within the 400 pages of this book, there is a lot of action and it explores what would you do to ensure that your family are safe. The book helps to explore the true nature of families, those who impact on your life most. For some people that is their closest friends and for others it is one particular family member. Exploring the relationships between these characters and seeing them overcome some of their fears and prejudices helps you to see that people can change and you can if you have the right motivation.

This book feels like it could have been the end of the series, but there are still another three books for me to wade through.

I am going to give this book 3 stars. I would read it again, and I was emotionally invested in the characters but there were some improvements which could have been made.


Have you read this series? Do you think the third book felt the it would have been a good ending? What should I read after this series?