3 Reasons Twlight is Overhyped

In my previous post I wrote about a series that I thought was underhyped (if you want to read it you can do so here). Today I want to write three reasons I think Twlight was overhyped.

Now don’t mistake me I have read it and I did so when Twlight was being read by everyone. Now I did enjoy it the first time I read it however I have looked back on it and settled on three reasons to not read it again.

1. Poor Quality Writing

As someone who reads a lot, and someone who writes in their somewhat limited free time I have learnt that there are vast differences between a story well written and one which needs a bit more added to it. There are areas within the book that now drives me crazy, and I can tell you with complete honesty that I have read fanfiction with better writing than the writing in this series.

There are so many books in the world which are of a higher writing standard for you to choose from, and for this reason alone I will not be picking up Twilight again.

2.Lack of Character Development

The driving factor of your books should be your characters. An common challenge for some writers during Nanowrimo is that the characters decide to do something completely off the plot that they have carefully plotted. I personally have had this issue.

That does not feel that this was the case in Twlight. The characters feel one dimensional, and while through out the series you learn about the characters and this helps to inform as to why they act certain ways. The characters do not seem to change in any way.

While I understand that the Vampires would be fairly stuck in their ways, the other characters which are younger do not seem to change at all, which should be the case when writing about teenagers.

3. Unsatisfactory ending

I enjoy watching films and reading stories which mainly have ‘happy endings’ though that is probably because I tend to cry easily. I have no problem with the characters having a happy ending (though living forever is a double edged sword).

The entire final book is geared towards a battle. The building of tension. It was all geared towards a battle. Which didn’t happen. I was geared up for a little cry (not that I really cared for most of the characters due to the lack of development) but there was nothing. The last book just felt like a whole of of nothingness. Nothing to hang your hat on. No blood shed or character deaths, something that would have prevented it from being a perfect ending for everyone. It shouldn’t have been. Something should have happened.

Do you have an overhyped series? Why did you not enjoy it?

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