My Expirence with Audiobooks So Far

I know I have been a little hit and miss so far this month I am aiming to publish my next review on the 15th…fingers crossed. Thus far this month has been a bit difficult finding time to read. So I made the effort that during the recent weekend I started to listen to a book on Spotify allowing me to read while I was doing the ironing.

This was my first experience of reading an audiobook so I thought that today I would share my thoughts so far.

There is a debate going on within the book blogging world about Audiobooks and if they really count as reading I have always been on the fence as until now I have not really made the step into listening to Audiobooks.

There are a number of people who love listening to books, it allows them to do other things the same as me, commuting, ironing, doing the washing up. I do agree that audiobooks are great for that.

However one of the things that I love about reading is that I loose myself in the prose, world and story. I love the way that the words can let me forget about the chores that I need to do, and sitting down and giving all of my concentration to the book I am reading and this is what brings some of the joy to my reading.

One of the reasons that I had avoided audiobooks is because I wasn’t certain of the best platform. I was lucky that someone in work mentioned that there are some on Spotify, which I already had.

Overall I am enjoying the ability to multitask while reading, but I have not been able to loose myself in the books so far.

What do you think of audiobooks? Do you like them or do you have the same issues that I have found? Let me know in the comments below.

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