Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas Book Review

Though I have read this book recently I will admit that this month I have skim read this book. I was bought the first book for my birthday and as such read it late last year. But I wanted to make a start on the rest of the series so felt that I needed to re-read this book as a refresher.

Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas book cover
Throne of Glass

This book was certainly my favourite of last year, it took me four days to read it, and I was in work for three of those days. Needless to say I bought the rest of the series as a Christmas present for myself and I have been waiting for my usual reading slump to occur for me to pull them out.

The first book was full of action and mystery, as each new plot point came to the fore I became more and more lost in the world that Sarah J Maas had built and the story which was perfectly paced and had a great balance of action, mystery and romance.

Celaena’s character is multi-layered and I love the way she has a strong moral compass but is still an assassin. Having a strong moral compass and killing people for money rarely go hand in hand. I also enjoyed the relationships she built during the book, those around her gradually began to trust her despite the obvious defects in her character. She is a character that you can easily identify with, whether it is because of her drive or her humour. The characters around her also feel this way.

The other characters surrounding Celaena are just as enticing, wanting to understand the Princess of Eyllwe’s motivation for being in the Castle. Understanding more of the Prince’s character, why he wants to rebel against his father. A lot of the questions posed are yet to be answered. I am only surprised it has taken me until now to break these books out.

The main theme in the book is Freedom, and what you are willing to do to obtain it. Freedom can mean different things to different people, for some it is their two week holiday somewhere warm and sunny, for others it is going for a run to forget everything around them. The book is exploring what Celaena is willing to do for her freedom, killing for her is easy but it comes at a price. A price which for her is hard to bear, uniting with her enemy.

At the ending of the book I was sad that my boyfriend had only bought me the first one. But I just wanted the devour the next book, well if I am honest the rest of the series.

This book is definitely my first 5 star rating for Indulgent Readers!


I am reading a few other books alongside the next one in the series. Have you read this book or series let me know what you think in the comments


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