Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas Book Review

First of all to everyone who celebrates Shrove Tuesday… Happy Pancake Day, I managed to take the time out of my busy schedule to enjoy some pancakes alongside my next read.

Heir of Fire, third book of Throne og Glass Series by Sarah J Maas

Heir of Fire is the third book in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas and once again you will have to put up with reading a complimentary post about the author’s work.

As this book has to be split between the two main storylines I did expect a bit of a Lord of the Rings story telling technique, letting you know what was happening in the two main storylines alongside each other. Sarah J. Maas did add a third story to follow, and unfortunately I did not enjoy those sections. This may be because I do not have an emotional connection to the characters in comparison to the others who I have followed through the story so far. Despite how interesting the culture of the Ironteeth is, I just wanted to get to the next parts as quickly as possible. I did persevere with these chapters, mostly because I felt the characters would no doubt be important in future books which I will let you know when I get there!

Despite this small issue I did once more race through this book (I am sure that my other half is starting to miss me by now…). More is revealed of the characters motivations and histories. It is nice to start to understand some of the wider cultures in the world Sarah J Mass has created, from how the Ironteeth interact with each other, to the Fae and Demi-fae on Wendlyn. We also learn more about the geography of the world while there is a map, as with all Fantasy it is always helpful to see the world through the author’s eyes.

The mix of Fantasy, romance, tension, and politics is a very strong mix which keeps the reader wanting more and more. I have done my best to put these books down long enough to spend time with some of my friends and family. But it appears that my main priority right now is to keep reading this series… regardless of the inconvenience to my limited social life.

This book was in places heart breaking, and did bring a few tears forth (though I do cry easily). It tugs the reader to the next plot point, and onwards to the next book…


Despite my slight dislike of some parts of this book I still give it a 5 star review mainly because through out the book it tugged on my emotions, from sharing a sense of freedom, to the sympathy of how broken the main character has felt, I could not help but be swept up in that emotion.

Do you agree with my rating? Have you read this series? Let me know in the comments below.

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