February Wrap Up

February Wrap Up

Another month has flown past and even the extra day did not seem to make the month any longer.  Did you enjoy the extra day this year? I spent mine reading and looking into going Zero waste, just to see if I can.. Though I doubt that progress will be quick, making a start is the main thing.  

This month has been fairly boring in my normal life… though we are getting a wood-burning stove next month so I may well have a new favourite place to read soon. I also made pizza from scratch which everyone should try at least once, it was an enlightening experience.

This month has been a busy reading month (despite a slump partway through) and I have managed to read 5 books totalling 2860 pages, this is over 1000 more than last month despite me thinking for most of the month that I was in a reading slump! Just goes to show sometime how you think you are doing is very different than the actual result.  

Heir of Fire, Book Three Throne of Glass Sereis by Sarah J Maas, Bookcover

My favourite book of the month was Heir of Fire.  It certainly dragged me out of the reading slump I was getting into.  It also made me want to read more and more of the series and I have certainly loved the rest of the Throne of Glass series so far (still three books to go!!)


I completed five reviews this month I doubt I will manage this many next month!! The books on my TBR for next month are much longer.  

Good Omens, it feels like ages ago since I read this satirical book about the ending of the world.

Pride and Prejudice, my reading not only a classic but a romance just in time for Valentines day. This is certainly not my usual reading choice but I did still enjoy it.

Throne of Glass, this is the first of the similarly titled series, which I have been making my way through for most of the month.

Crown of Midnight, the second of the Throne of Glass Sereis, another whirlwind read.

Heir of Fire, the third of the Throne of Glass Series, I didsay I had been working my way through them all!


As I did so many reviews this month there weren’t many other posts written but the two I did are below. 

My expirence with Audiobooks, I am still not sold on the idea of listening to a book but it may grow on me,

My final post of February was all about TBR lists, the and some of the positives and negatives of them.


I said last month I would read the Assassin’s Blade, Eragon and The Tyrants Tomb… I at least started the Assassin’s Blade. So this month I will attempt to read those three and finish off the Throne of Glass series, there are only three left (but they must add up to 2000ish pages, and if I have the time I might start the Hobbit.

This month my To Be Read list hasn’t expanded too much… I have only added House of Earth and Blood which was a new release by Sarah J Maas.  I am glad I have only added that one…my TBR is sitting at a far too ‘healthy’ 132 (and some of those listed are series which I currently only have 1 book of listed).  Hopefully next month I will be able to have culled that list by a few!! 

How was your reading in February? Did you manage to start or finish any of the books that have been on the dreaded TBR List for ages? Let me know in the comments!

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