5 Strong Females in Young Adult Literature

My reading this month is not going well. Hopefully, it will pick up as it did last month. Unfortunately, this work week has so far been challenging and it isn’t getting better!! Hopefully I will be able to capitalise on a much needed weekend.

This is a post I have been thinking about for a while and as it was International Women’s Day recently I thought it would be a good opportunity for this discussion.

There is a lot of diversity of the characters Young adult fiction which I am really pleased with.  I am personally sick of hearing the old fashioned fairy tales where there is a damsel in distress who needs a man to come and rescue her.   I would much rather know I can rescue myself. 

Strong Women in young adult Literature

So I thought today I would let you know why my top 5 favourite strong female characters in young adult literature are and why. 


I grew up reading Harry Potter (the same as most people my age) and as such one of the most often read strong female character on my bookcase was Hermione. 

She was initially overlooked most people preferred Harry or Ron, but Hermione was just as important. She always provided the other characters with a clear logical point of view. Providing solutions to things that could be seen as insurmountable. 

In the final book, she was prepared for a quick getaway, having planned ahead, without which Harry and Ron would have found it difficult to go on the quest to destroy Voldemort. 

It was also nice to have a strong character who is valued for their intelligence supporting those who were in school at the time to understand that academic achievement could support you in your future jobs or in the case in the book at the end of each school year.


Annabeth is a daughter of Athena in the Percy Jackson Series and the Hero’s of Olympus. She much like Hermione not only beautiful but is incredibly intelligent. Her quickness of thought is highly valued in the group.  Not only does she help the group get out of challenges quickly.

She is also selected to face her fears and the fears of all the children of Athena, she was not the first to have to face the difficulties in though she was the first successful one. 


This has been inspired by my recent reading.  But this character is certainly in my top 5. She is intelligent enough to scheme and things fall into place.  She is wise enough to know sometimes the best choice is to retreat, and despite her less than perfect upbringing she has a strong moral compass and acts on it. 

Sure like all the other women in this list she has flaws. Celeana’s being a large ego problem, and a difficulty sharing plans. Bu t she faces everything with a grim determination to survive.  With everything that she has endured, it is phenomenal that she continues to do what she thinks is best. 


Lihn, mostly known as Cinder, ends up leading a revolution, she was not expecting to do so.  She takes everything that has happened to her in her life, and doesn’t ask why me? She doesn’t feel sorry for herself, she just brushes herself off and gets on with everything. Much like the fairytale princess, she is based.  


My other half says that Hunger Games isn’t really young adult, but i disagree you will have to let me know what you think in the comments.  Since in my opinion the Hunger Games is a young adult, I am adding Katniss to my list. 

Some of the young women in my list are very intelligent or just the best at what they do.  Katniss is one of the most selfless. She volunteers to join the Hunger Games despite knowing that it was a high likelihood that she would be killed to save her sister. 

She not only endures the tests that she faces, but is still compassionate to the others around her.  To her immediate relatives, she doesn’t change massively. But simply because of what she has endured others start to rebel and look to her for leadership.  




Three were so many strong female characters that I could have chosen from in my wider reading but Sophie from the Da Vinci Code stood out to me.  Yet another Intelligent female, but she has so many situations thrown at her in 48 hours. From her Grandfather passing away to travelling to London, illegally.  

She takes all of these challenges in her stride and faces each puzzle as it comes. Keeping her equilibrium and eventually finding out exactly what her grandfather wanted to tell her. 

These women all have a few things in common, intelligence and the ability to rescue themselves.  Everyone can empathise with these women, each of them having something in common with the readers.  These women also have flaws which helps you to relate to them and root for them in each of their stories.  

Please let me know who your strong female characters are in Young Adult Literature.  Do you have any others that you think I missed? 


  1. Yeah, I think the hunger Games is YA. And I’m not just saying this because it’s in the YA section in my school library. I think it’s young adult, it’s meant for teens. Most characters are teenagers anyway, or at least in the first one, if that’s part of what classifies a book. I mean, it won’t be YA if there are only adults in it. *shrug*
    I totally agree with you on all of these people, they are truly amazing.

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