How to get out of a Reading Slump

This blog post is addressing an issue that every reader goes through at some point, the dreaded reading slump.  I have been in a reading slump since the first of the month. For the readers who set themselves high targets of the number of books they want to read or those who are meant to be reading for a book club, school, or like me blogging it can make parts of our lives difficult. 

DNF Your Book

If you are part way through a book or series which is no longer holding your interest there is not reason to carry struggling to read it. If it is not holding your attention right now you may have overindulged in that world.  You may no longer be invested in the character’s story. There is nothing wrong with admitting to yourself that you are not enjoying something and moving on to a different book.  

Audit Your Time

Have a look at what you are currently spending your time on.  Are you watching more television that you used to? Spending more time on your phone?  Do you feel like you are spending every waking hour working? Once you have worked out where your time is going then you can see if you can rescue any of it. This week my workload in my day job has been much higher than usual for various reasons and this has impacted on how tired I am when I get home, so I just haven’t wanted to read because of this.  While you may not have the ability to change your workload, acknowledging this can help you see the light at the end of the tunnel and understand why you aren’t reading more. 

Reread a Favourite

Reading a book that you know you love can help get you back out of that slump.  Knowing that you love the book gives you more motivation to read it. You may already know what happened but rereading a book you love can be like slipping into a lovely warm bath, you know what to expect, there are no unhappy surprises and you may find yet another character or twist to fall in love with again. If my slump continues much longer I will certainly be giving this a go.  

Try a Different Format

The vast majority of books that I have read recently have been softback.  While I am not sold on the idea of audiobooks just yet, I do love my kindle.  Changing the format you are consuming your literature in can allow you to be more mobile, or in the case of reading on my Kindle let me read with the light off so I don’t have to get back out of bed.  

New Location

We all have our favourite places to read.  If that is in a cafe, or in your own home, work or garden, the light can be just perfect or, the smell of coffee makes you want to pull your book out and read.  If you haven’t tried a new reading place for a while this can help you get back into the groove of reading. Making the joy of reading na expirecence rather than just something that you want or in some cases need to do. Pop to your favourite cafe and have a date with your book. Go to the library and sit surrounded by the millions of words that all want someone to read them.  

If you ever struggle with reading slumps let me know what it is that you do to get over them in the comments below, right now any additional encouragement would be of use.  


  1. Very good ideas! I especially like the one about switching up locations. I never thought of that, but it’s a great tip and I’ll definitely try it next time I’m in a slump! Usually, I’ll mood read until I find a book that suits me for that particular time, then I’ll come back to the first book later when I want to try again with it.

    Hope you get out of your reading slump soon – and don’t worry too much about it. It always runs its course. 😊


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