Good Omens: Books vs Series

I read this book this year (if you want to see my review click here) a while ago and recently finished watching the series. As I am still on my slight reading slump I thought I would take the opportunity to do a comparison of the book versus the series. 

I really enjoyed both the book and series though Neil Gaiman did admit that they had to add extra content to the series to fill in all the episodes. 

While it is not in the book i love the added depth the Aziraphale and Crowley’s characters.  This was added by Neil Gaiman and I think it helps those who are watching the series, or even those who are reading the book to understand a little more about the character’s motivations.  Of course they don’t want the world to end, they have spent a number of melenia together, even if you are mortal enemies you will end up having experiences in common. If that is a constant griping about the terrible traffic that you are subjected to, or the ever turbulent weather, the characters were bound to bond in someway.  

In one episode we get to see the two celestial beings through various times in our history, Roman to the French Revolution, each of these little excerpt, none of which are in the book,  allows those who were watching the series to see a little more about the two characters and really start to understand why they bonded together. After All if can’t be easy being the only two creatures on earth who are going to live forever.

Despite this change in a number of places the series matches the book word for word.  There are entire sections that if you have read the book carefully you will find is perfectly in line with the book.  As someone who was watching the series and reading the book alongside it you are not going to be overly shocked by anything that happens. 

Rarely in some places I prefered the series to the book. In areas the book lacks some description,  which in some ways is great as it allows the readers to have completely opposing images of specific setting or characters. However as someone who enjoys reading, and attempts to stick her toe in the pool of writing it can be difficult to 

Picture things as the author wants you to. 

There are some great things that the series has, and has done well.  A keen eyed viewer may notice the guard of the American Base reading American Gods.  The Characterisation by Micheal Sheen and David Tennant was amazing, and I think if you loved the book, you will at the very least enjoy this series. 

Have you seen the Series?  What did you think? 

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