I know I am yet to complete a haul, in truth I am trying to catch up on books that I already own and haven’t read yet but today I want to speak about unhauling. Now for many people unhauling is something they do as a matter of course, for me on the other hand,  I don’t throw anything out. I still have my original copy of the BFG (the book is at least 21 years old) but the bookcases couldn’t support my and my boyfriend’s love of books anymore so some had to go.  

This came about due to repainting the living room which was a very good way of procrastinating on my blog and reading, plus redecorating the living room just in time to be working from there until further notice.  

As you can see from the pile, it was a bit too big

Now in my opinion books are one of the things that you should never get rid of.  They are there to be loved and looked at forever. To go back and re-read the books.  

We have not thrown any book out that either of us love, which has made it a little easier but getting rid of books can be difficult. But the bookshelves are no longer groaning over the weight on them, there is actually a lot of space for new books!!

Now mine and my boyfriends are sitting on the floor waiting to go to a charity shop (once  am allowed outside again). I am aiming to find somewhere other than the middle of the living room floor, but it will do for now.

Pile of books and other bits and pieces ready for charity
Charity shop pile

It is so liberating.  

I am going to challenge you,  if you hate having clear outs (and trust me I do), look at your bookcase and get rid of the books that you know you are never going to read again.  Throw out the ones that you didn’t get past the first 50 pages or the books which were bought for you 9 year old self and you still haven’t touched. 

Giving these unloved books a new lease of life by sending them to a charity shop is a great idea.  We did it with old board games (which even in this trying time we are not tempted to play), DVD’s, xbox games. 

Make the room on your shelves for your newest book obsession, rather than one that you now only keep for sentimental reasons.

If you do take this challenge please let me know in the comments below and let me know how you felt afterwards.

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