Cinder by Marissa Meyer Review

Now depending on how you feel and your general anxiety level it is either the perfect time or the worst time to be reading the Lunar Chronicles Series by Merissa Meyer. This is my second re-read of the year but it has been much longer since my last read of this particular series.  

If you have not come across the Lunar Chronicles it is a series of four books which are all based on fairytales, this one being Cinderella.  While being vaguely based on Cinderella this dystopian young adult novel also contains elements of science fiction. One of the main plotlines is about a pandemic virus (hence the either perfect or terrible time to read it). 

Cinder by Merissa Meyer 1 Lunar Chronicles
Cinder Book Cover

The way the main characters are introduced feels very similar to the fairytale.  Cinder you see working hard, and is understandably jealous of her step sisters who seem to do very little.  Cinder shows that no matter how nice you are as a person every person has a breaking point where they feel that they have to put themselves first. The Prince clearly dislikes his status and the ‘fangirling’ that happened around him.  Understandably I cannot relate to this but I can imagine that the constant attention would be incredibly irritating. I also enjoyed the lightness brought in by Dr Erland, and how irritated he was by someone who was taller than him. I am similarly height afflicted and the small amount of vindictiveness that he has about it is not only amused but I can also relate to it.

The book is written at a good pace and the descriptions are clear and give a good sense of the world that the story is set in. I love the elements of science fiction in Cinder  like the hovers, which have taken over combustion engines. We should be moving away from combustion engines in the next ten or so years as fuel will become too expensive and the impact on the planet is too high.  The constant data streaming sounds great, but like it could become too much for people having a constant influx of data, I personally would get sick of this never having any down time. 

In specific places the book is very hard to put down and in others it has a more sedate pace and this is a lovely contrast and allows the reader time to collect themselves before the next high pace section of the story.  The reader can see the sense of foreboding being built for the rest of the series. 

One of the themes of this book is discrimination, and the negative impact it has.  I have always been taught to treat others how you want to be treated. Cinder’s character is discriminatory against the Lunar people’s but hates that people are discriminatory against her.  This just highlights that nobody is flawless, and everyone can improve when it comes to promoting difference and preventing discrimination. 

Another key theme which is covered is politics and its impact on peace.  It shows how difficult it can be to navigate politics to ensure that there is an outcome that all are happy with.  It is great the individual countries all banded together and there has been over 100 years of peace. Given the current situation the governments across the world should be banding together to support each other in this challenging time. 

The final theme in this book that I want to highlight is hope. It is something that everyone needs to have at a time like this. Cinder hopes personally for a better future, Emperor Kai hopes for a better future for his people.  In difficult times there is always hope for a better tomorrow.

Reading a book which includes a world pandemic while under lockdown may not have been a good idea, but I did thoroughly enjoy Cinder. The book managed to tug at my heart strings and in places cringe at the awkwardness. 


I gave Cinder 4 stars,  now I am going to get back to reading the Series. Hopefully  I will be able to finish a few series this month. 

I hope you are all staying safe. If you have read this book let me know what you thought in the comments below. 


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