Choose your next book from your TBR list

A couple of weeks ago I shared my love hate relationship with my seemingly ever growing TBR list, and it is not getting any easier to choose the next book from it. 

First on first off

If you use a notebook or bullet journal to track your TBR list this is probably one of the best ways to work your way through it.  Starting at the top of the list and working your way down. There are a few challenges with this, if a new book in a series you love comes out then you have to wait until you get to the bottom of the list.  On the plus side this option means that you do not have any books on your list that are been there for years and years. You can also do the opposite last in first off, but this could get a little difficult to ever get through to the top.  

Book Covers 

Now I am aware that you should never judge a book by its cover, but sometimes, just occasionally it is nice to  use this option if you are really stuck, some book covers draw the eye and all you want to do is read the book because of this.  In my opinion if the book is already on your TBR list you are planning on reading it at some point if you want to choose your next read based on the cover why shouldn’t you? 

Next In the Series 

I am the worst at this, if you are in the middle of the series you are enjoying you can just pick up the next in the series. I currently have 2 series that I have two books left from completing. I was enjoying the series but I needed to change fictional worlds for a short time.  I will go back to these series soon, but for now I am enjoying the break I took.

New Releases by your Favourite Author

Sometimes just as you finish a book your favourite author releases a new book.  I try and avoid looking for new releases, my to be read list would get far too long if I did.  But if you follow your favourite author on Twitter or Goodreads you will know when a new release is due. Opening that brand new book is a feeling that every bookworm has had at some point and there is nothing quite like it. 


This is certainly my favourite way of choosing my next book,  if I have completed the series or need to read a different world then I use this method. I will close my eyes and flick through my list randomly stopping on one, or ask a friend or partner to choose the next book. 

Which of these methods are you going to use to choose your next book?   What other ways do you use to choose your next read from your TBR list?

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