Winter by Merissa Meyer a Book Review


I asked on Twitter if you wanted to see a separate series wrap up to the book,  it got a 100% agreement for the separated wrap up (there was only one response so thank you to whoever that was!). As such this review is simply based on Winter and the Series Wrap up will be following soon. 

Winter is the fourth book of the Lunar Chronicles by Merissa Meyer.  If you weren’t already aware these books are each based on a traditional fairytale, this on being Snow White.  Winter is the final installment in the original series and I certainly whizzed through it. 

Winter, 4 book in the Lunar Chronicles Series by Merissa Meyer book cover

In this book we get to learn a lot about the Lunar Culture and get to meet the Princess Winter, whose step-mother is the queen and is not comfortable with her step-daughter.  There is also a lot of development of Queen Levena’s character and while she is tyrannical we gain a deeper understanding of why she became that way.  

This installment also explores the Lunar way of life and shows the disparity between the rich and favoured, and the poor and forgotten.  However it also shows that the forgotten people can be very strong and in cases overpower the ruling elite. 

This book is fast paced and neatly ties up all the plots included in the Lunar Chronicles.  After the end of the main plot each of the characters had a chapter to finalise each of their story lines and romances. 

One of the themes of this book is rebellion. Most people will rebel against something, mine was pop music.  Winter is rebellious in a polite way, she chooses her battles well and  when she does she will do all she can to win that battle.  Whereas the citizen’s of Luna rebel completely, they go to war, which is almost the complete opposite of Winter’s gentle approach.

 Another key theme in this book is trust.  The Queen doesn’t trust anyone, her court, her Thurmatages, and her servants. Everyone around the queen is brainwashed, she never lets anyone see her true self, and this lack of trust becomes her downfall.  Cinder has no choice but to put trust in those around her.  The trust that Cress will be able to shut down the camera systems, or to trust Wolf to find somewhere they can be safe on Lunar.  This disparity between their characters is one of the reasons that Cinder could be seen as a better leader.  When leaders trust those around them, they can rely on the experts in their fields to advise on their decisions, and usually a good and strong leader would not overrule them. 

The final theme I am going to mention iis Fate. Fate and predestination is something that a lot of people speak about and you usually believe in it or you don’t. However the way that the story unfolds is very fairy tale like, they always seem to have the expert they need as and when they need it. But the other element of predestination, Cinder was always supposed to be queen, she may have turned out just like her Aunt, or her mother.  A dictator, which she didn’t due to the dicrimination and other challenges she faced being brought up on earth.  She became a better leader because of her experiences and therefore she was in a better position to be a fair queen. 


I am giving this book a solid 5 stars.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and  despite it’s length managed to read it in three days which really shocked me. 


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