Lunar Chronicles Series Wrap Up

This is Indulgent Readers first ever series wrap up so if there is anything else you want me to include in future ones please let me know! 

If you have been following my blog recently you will know that I recently finished reading the four main books of the Lunar Chronicles. This series by Merisssa Meyer is a young adult dystopian fantasy.  Each of the four novels contribute to an intricate plot line whilst also being based on separate traditional fairy tales. I have individually reviewed the books and I linked those reviews below if you would like to read them before this. 

Review of Cinder book 1 

Review of Scarlet book 2 

Review of Cress book 3

Review of Winter book 4 

The Lunar Chronicles highlights a number of themes. The key them which is highlighted in all the books is discrimination.The discrimination of Cyborgs is explored, and by the end of the series is addressed by at least one of the world leaders.  While the technology allowed cyborgs to continue with their normal life after losing a limb, individuals were also worried about what this could mean longer term and the inkling of doubt spread into hatred.  Cinder  highlights that not all cyborgs had a choice about their operations and in some cases come to resent the changes which were implemented into their lives.  Cinder is an extreme example, having an inbuilt computer and a partially synthetic heart. 

Lunars are also discriminated against, due to fear.  This is a much more rational fear, that you will be manipulated into feeling a certain way or being forced to do something against your will.  It is also shown that this strength that the Lunars have comes with a challenge.  There are a number of Lunars that are encountered within the book that show the deterioration of the mind that Lunar’s go through if they choose not to use their gift.  It highlights that while you may be justified in your fear of something, there may not be anything that can be done about it. 

Within the Lunar community there is also discrimination of those who do not have the skill to manipulate others or be manipulated.  This is particularly difficult, these children are born and then taken from their families simply due to a mutation at birth.  

I feel that the author is trying to show you that discrimination happens everywhere and in all walks of life. While you can be open minded about everything if you do not speak up then you are preventing the progress of understanding and awareness about the topic. 

Loyalty is another theme which is key and appears in each of the books.  Cinder has to decide if she is loyal to the only kingdom she had ever known, or the place of her birth; Scarlett has to work out if her companions are trustworthy and if she can trust that they will put their lives on the line to rescue her; Winter shows us that she is loyal first and foremost to the people of Lunar rather than her step mother.  Each of these characters have to take some time to assess if the people that you are with are loyal if you can put your life in their hands and know that they would do the same for you. As I listed above you can be loyal to many things and sometimes this brings conflicting priorities, such as Cinder wanting to remain loyal to the Commonwealth she grew up in while also having trying to survive and overthrow a  potential threat. 

But I think my favourite theme is the traditional good versus bad senario.  This appears in most books, and it is certainly involved in most fairytales.  The series explores the good versus bad in a number of the character’s and in the main storyline, and the book highlights that good and bad is not as clear as black and white.  There is a grey middle, where you can look at items to see only the positive or good qualities or look at it and only see the bad. I love the choice to explore the challenging facets which are often reflected in real life, the author is sharing with us that the key is in the choices we make. You are not inherently bad or good because of a specific character flaw, but the over all choices we make in life are what brings those positive and negative traits to light. 

Overall this book series is very thorught provoking and make me feel that everyone an make a difference in the world.  This book series is well written and thought provoking set of stories.  If you enjoy young adult fantasy you may enjoy this series as it has much to offer.  The first book is a very different from the rest of the series so if you do struggle with the first book, don’t give up on them. 

What are your main takeaways from this series? 

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