Is my Blog helping me meet my Reading Aims?

I started this blog at the end of December 2019, with the aim  to encourage me to read more. If you haven’t read my first ever blog post you can see it here.   I felt that I needed accountability for my reading as I always felt like I read a lot but compared with my partner I hardly read. Since we are at the six month mark (well four days off) it felt timely to share how I think it is going so far.  

I am currently on book 20 for the year (60% through), and according to my Goodreads Reading challenge I am 3 books ahead of schedule.  Which is a good position to be in at the six month mark.  

During this year so far I have taken on books that I never would have previously attempted. Despite how much I love the Throne of Glass series I would have just let the final two books languish on my to be read pile, one because it didn’t follow the main characters and the other because it is such a large book,  instead I am 60% of the way through Kingdom of Ash. As much as I would like to state that I will finish it this week I doubt that will be possible due to work commitments. 

Last year one of my other aims was to read at least 10,000 pages.  This was a number that I was just below this figure. I am currently sitting at 9,389 pages so I may double that figure this year. 

In addition this blog has allowed me to think deeper about the books I am reading and analyse the underlying messages which the author is sharing.  

With these things in mind I would say that Indulgent Readers has been successful so far in helping me to read more and I hope to continue to improve on my reading statistics and blog. 

If you run a blog do you think it has helped you to read more or think more about what you are reading?  As a blog reader do the articles you read influence your thoughts and feelings on books?   

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