Why I Reread Books

So I have recently been looking at my read books this year and there are a number of rereads in my list.  Some of that is because of my desire to share some of my favourites with you.  But I thought I would ask you if you enjoy rereading your books and share some of the reasons I enjoy doing so.

Why I Reread books

One of the reasons I love to reread books is because I enjoy the familiarity.  Reading Harry Potter again can bring up some nostalgia of a simpler time, when I didn’t have bills to pay and didn’t need to clean the kitchen as it was something that was magically done in the house.  Also surrounding yourself with a world you feel you know intimately there are no surprises or shocks.  You know what to expect, if you are reading Harry Potter you can expect to see magic, if you are rereading an Agatha Christie novel you can expect to see a murder and it being solved by the end of the book, with Lord of the Rings you will see Elves and battles.  While there are masses of new books out in the world sometimes when you have had a bad day a little bit of familiarity can make you feel better. 

Often you notice things as a reader that you have not noticed before. I have found when reading something I spot something that I have never noticed before.  These little gems of information which you may otherwise miss can change your thought process on a specific book or a character throughout a series. Each of these little insights can help you to understand the books more and in some cases further understand what the author is trying to get across to you. 

Sometimes if you are reading a book that you cannot put down, as each twist and turn of the plot is revealed you may forget what happened in the book or one of the main storylines.  I know that has happened with me for one of the Dan Brown novels, and I am aware that I should go back and read the book again.  In this case rereading can help refresh your knowledge of what occurred and in some cases enjoy the plot all over again.  My other half is a massive rereader as he can read so quickly he couldn’t discuss the plot of the book a week after he has finished it.

I have found when rereading some childhood favourites that you can spot things that you wouldn’t have noticed when you were younger and enjoy the complexities more as you have grown and changed these changes are reflected in your perception of the book. The book has not changed since the first time that you have read it, but your perception of it still changes as you have done so. 

There are inevitably some drawbacks of rereading books, you may have loved a book on your first read but when you reread it the book doesn’t meet your expectations and you wish that you had not bothered.  This may be for a plethora of reasons but it doesn’t make the experience any less disappointing. 

I personally enjoy rereading books, which is possibly why my TBR list never gets any shorter but I want to know what you think.  Do you enjoy rereading books?  Have you ever had any bad experiences when you have done so? 

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