What I think about Fanfiction

At the moment I am in a bit of a reading slump.  But I am reading just not books.  I am reading a lot of fanfiction so I thought that I would write a little about this topic.  Fanfiction can split people’s opinions but I often find myself reading fanfiction for various reasons.  I also occasionally write fanfiction immersing myself further into specific fandoms that I really like.  

What  I think about Fanfcition

As this hobby has been taking my time away from reading books I thought I should share some thoughts and opinions on Fanfcition. 


Further exploration of Fandoms

If you love a particular world then reading or writing fanfiction allows you to spend more time in the world.  If you run out of the original fiction then may people have taken up the mantle and done what they wanted to have happened with the characters.  If you are a twilight fan it might be that you were #teamJacob and so you want Bella to marry Jake; You might love Harry Potter and wonder about what Charlie does in Romania, or How Bill became a curse breaker. 

Great for Improving your Writing

If you are a budding writer (which I certainly am) then fafiction allows you to develop these skills without committing hours upon hours to wrold building and character developement.  A lot of the work has been done for you.  In some cases you may create characters who are new to the fandom, but the vast majority of the work has been done.  This means that the writers can experiment with dialog and description without having to work too much. 

Like Minded People 

You can often find people on the internet who have similar interests, this could be reading, (like this blog); or people who are interested in specific parts of world history. In the case of fanfcition you are find people who like reading the same fandoms as you, and insome cases writing or reading additional fiction on these fandoms. 

Find writers you would never heard of otherwise

Not all fanfiction writers go on to write books, but there are a few, and a lot who do so nre not massively famous.  But I have bought a book or two based on indivudauls writing of Fanfiction.  There are certain Fanfiction writers who I love to read whenever I want to get lost in thier particular fandom, and I go back to them time and again.  So i purchased of og their books, despite the fact that is not within my usual reading options but I loved how they write so I thought it was important to give this writer a chance to read some of their other work.  


Not having enough time to read actual fiction 

You can wormhole into a fandom and never come back out.  There are so many different fandoms, and if you are an avid reader or watcher you can disappear into different scenarios regarding that world forever.  I personally will read some Harry Potter fanfiction and while I change my where I read using both Archive of Our Own and occasionally Fanfiction.net I can always find something that I want to read.  


You take on reading Fanfiction at your own risk.  If you have not finished reading a series which you decide to start reading fanication on there may well be a number of spolier contianed withing  those pages.  You may be new to s fandom and start reading it and  you ruin the next book in the series, or a character that until this point is slaive and a fanfiction kills them off then you find out in the book/series they have been.  There is nothing more heartbreaking than ruining a series for yourself in that way 


If you are not a fan of romance you may be disappointed, most of the fanfictions, at least that I have read, tend to have an element of romance usually with two characters who people wish had ended up together.  While there are some fanfictions which do not centre around a romantic storyline they are few and far between 

Quality of writing 

Anyone can write Fanfiction, you just sign up for one of the multitude of websites that are dedicated to it and start writing.  Which is great for those who want to write if gives writers and opportunity to hone their craft.  I actually have a couple of books on my kindle which are written by authors i originally found through reading their fanfictions. But not all fanfictions are good, in fact I have started reading some and abandoned them due to poor grammar or the characters not feeling quite right. I am not saying thaevery fanfiction is poorly written, but just be aware that there are some that you may not regret even reading the synopsis. 

Completion rate

Now i am a series binger, I will be writing a post on this soon, but this obviously impacts my reading.  I try to aviod series that are not yet completed…. Game of Thrones and this ish much more difficult with Fanfiction.  I have learnt to always choose the completed icon when I am searching for fanficiton, but this can put of writeres who are good writers and have a strong premise but don’t get hte reaadership as people are only selecting completed stories to read.  In Addition a number of Fanfictions also have sequels and these are often not completed either they are newer than the original stories anad tare therefore a work in progress or life has prevented them from ever being finished. 

While I may have listed more negatives than positives in this article this does not mean that I am not a fan of fanfiction.  I love to see what people think could have happened, and the answers to some what-if questions that burn away in the back of your mind.  There are some authors who do not want their work used in this way and I completely respect that stance, but I also feel that this art form allows the readers the chance to share their love of the fandom that they have read about.  How do you feel about Fanfiction?  Have you read Fanfiction in the past or fallen into fanfiction wormhole? Let me know in the comments below. 

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