Series Binging

Series Bingers,  sit and read an entire series one book after the other. They spend a significant amount of time waiting for all the books to be published, and even then authors do occasionally go back and publish a new one much to their irritation.  There are great things about being a series bingers, and terrible things about it.  

How I feel about being a Series Binger?

I admitted in my blog post about fanfiction (click here if you want to read that) that I am a series binger.  I am one of the brethren who wait patiently trying to avoid all spoilers to read the entire series as a whole.  This understandably impacts on my reading and I wanted to take you through how this may be affecting you, if you have the same affliction.  

The most recent series I started which were not yet fully complete are The Folk of the Air by Holly Black, and The Rivers of London by Ben Aaronvitch.  Once I got up to the same point as the publisher I put the books down, and I haven’t picked up the series since.  In this time The Folk of the Air series has been completed and raved about, and the The Rivers of London has had at least one more book published. 

This does not reflect on my enjoyment of the books when I initially read them.  When I read The Cruel Prince I wanted to sit and read the next 2 books, as I knew it was a trilogy.  What I didn’t know was that I would have to wait over a year for the series to be completed.  The Rivers of London Series is not yet complete but the future books are on my TBR list.

When I was younger the anticipation of certain books coming out (mainly the Harry Potter Series) was something I looked forward to. While there were many people who would stay up until midnight on release day, I never did as I liked sleep far too much to do that, but I looked forward to it being delivered on release say and sitting and getting through the book as quickly as possible.  I would have done the traditional preparation of reading the entire series out so far cover to cover reading myself to sink into that world once more. 

As I have aged I have noticed that there are too many books out there that I want to read. There are too many fandoms I want to immerse myself in, and with a full time job, I cannot justify spending that much time focusing on keeping track of everything that is coming out, or rereading the books all the way through in anticipation for the new book. 

Now I impatiently wait for a series to be complete, hence me not having started reading Game of Thrones, (I also haven’t seen the tv series, which for a while led to a lack of small talk).  

There are some massive advantages of reading a series in almost one sitting. It allows you to immerse yourself completing in the world, and I sometimes even find myself reading the fanfiction of the world as well. If i read all the books together then I don’t need to reread books (unless I really enjoy them). 

Another advantage is that you don’t have the long wait to deal with in between waiting for the books to be published, and you can use this time to read other books and series in their entirety.

On the other hand it does impact on authors as if everyone did the   same as me there would be no sequels.  Publishers would not want to continue to produce books that people are not reading, and the pre-sale numbers would be abysmal.  I also am often confronted with some spoilers for popular books, leading to me avoiding social media for a few weeks after the release of a penultimate book. 

Another issue with reading series like this is that my TBR list seems to be continually increasing, as I become aware of half completed series that sounds like I would love to read them. I have learnt to note on my TBR what year the next book is coming out and if it is expected ot be the last book in the series. 

I will admit I do miss the building anticipation of a release in a series, but I have found that reading a series at once my preferred way of reading books.  If you follow me on Twitter you ill be aware that I started reading The Name of the Wind earlier this month, and I am the majority of the way through this book, however this series is not yet complete (though the final book i s meant to be released in August)

This may be one way that I am procrastinating with my reading list, however, I am aware that there are other people who suffer with this affliction, if you are one of them please let me know how you think it is affecting your reading. 


  1. Interesting post! I found a lot of the points you made about series binging really interesting and I agree with many of them! I am guilty of binging a series because I love getting completely immersed in the world but I agree with your point about the anticipation.


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