Reading as Escapism

So this week has been a challenge,  one that I did manage to meet but not without being a little stressed.  I am okay now thanks to a little escapism and so I thought I would talk about one of my favourite things about reading. 

It doesn’t matter what you read, you can read Adult Fantasy, Romance, classics, or Literary fiction as long as you enjoy it. Books allow a reader to ignore the world around them and settle into a different world, someone else’s life, and forget the problems of the world around them for a while. 

After my challenging week I went for a run with a friend then curled up with a book and forgot about everything I had to do (including writing a blog post for today) but for that moment in time nothing mattered. The challenges of the day melted away like marshmallows in a hot chocolate as I immersed myself into a book that I had been looking forward to reading. 

Books are a doorway into a different world, into a different life.  There is nothing in a book that appears like it cannot be overcome,  from over throwing a megalomaniac leader, to falling in love with a billionaire, or fighting an army of orcs and winning.  All of these things are possible in a fictional world. 

These things all being possible makes you feel like you can take on anything that the world throws at you. If Frodo can take the ring to Mordor, or if Percy Jackson can kill a Giant, or if Hercule Poirot can solve that particularly tricky murder, then you can go for a run today, or look back on your day and say actually in comparison to the challenges that my favourite character has overcome this is nothing.  

Being able to use a book to escape a bad day is something that always makes me smile.  Something that will never be able to be replicated.  I personally feel that films and television series do not allow you to ignore your problems as they do not take up as much of your concentration as reading does. Even reading an audiobook I find it difficult to concentrate on the book whilst doing the ironing, or the washing up.  When I am taking in the written word I have to concentrate solely on that.  

Reading is an escapism which is something that at these difficult times we all need. So this week I challenge you to make the time to read to let yourself forget about everything that is going on around you for half an hour per day.  It might allow you to look at the challenges that you are facing in a new light. 

If you do this, let me know if the comments below I would love to hear if reading helps you escape for a while like it does for me. 


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