Book vs Film: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Today I thought I would revamp a series I started in February (and so far have only written 2 articles for)  Books vs Films. This is a long term discussion that a number of people have especially with those who have only ever watched the film.  While I understand that some people prefer film to the written word, there are certain advantages to books which give stories additional depth in comparison.  

While the above is true for the vast majority of books; Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone film is the closest to the book in the series with no plot lines or battles missing. There are some lovely moments in the book though which are missed in the film which I always thought was a shame, so I thought I would share the items that I wish were included in the film.  

The first thing that I wish had been included was an excerpt on Vernon Dursley’s day, the day after Voldermort was defeated,  I can imagine the actor grumbling to himself on the car journey to work about cats not being bale to read, despite one giving him that impression, then him reasoning all the unusual outfits he saw prior to entering work.  I also like the slowly dawning fear that whatever the situation was it wouldn’t affect them,  this sequence is missed, which makes sense as the film is designed so you follow Harry’s Character, but this would have been a welcomed comedic moment.  

Fred and George do not help Harry get his trunk on the train in the film, which they kindly help him out in the book.  This moment leads to the twins insisting that Ron sit with Harry on the way to Hogwarts, which allows the pair to bond.  The omission means that the Twins comes across as never being serious, and are not responsible about anything.  This small moment impacts the story a lot and it is therefore something that I feel should have been included.  

There are also a number of characters who are missing in the film version of the series and for me Charlie Weasley is the biggest of these characters. Charlie Weasley provides a little bit of humour and in some cases understanding of why Ron becomes jealous so easily.  This does somewhat impact the story as Hagrid’s dragon, Norbert is not sent to Romania, via Ron’s brother, and it is not explained in the film where Norbert goes to leaving one  loose end in the film. 

In this film Snape also appears less mean and while he does react unfavourably to Harry joining his class he is not as mean to Hermione who does not shove herself into the spotlight as much as she does in the book. 

There are a few other changes that occurred but overall the ones I have included are items that I feel would have enriched the film and given greater depth to some of the characters.  Are there any moments that you would have added into the film? 

Just so you are aware I am unlikely to be posting this weekend due to a couple of commitments, i think it is better that you get a well written post than one that has been rushed out in a day!  

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