Is my Blog helping me meet my Reading Aims?

I started this blog at the end of December 2019, with the aim  to encourage me to read more. If you haven’t read my first ever blog post you can see it here.   I felt that I needed accountability for my reading as I always felt like I read a lot but compared withContinue reading “Is my Blog helping me meet my Reading Aims?”

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets a Review

A few weeks ago I started reading the Harry Potter series again, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is one of my least favourites in the series though it was the first one I ever read. My version is probably about twenty years old (which really shocks me when I think about howContinue reading “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets a Review”

Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas Book Review

This book is one I was avoiding.  While I have loved the Throne of Glass series so far I knew from the beginning of the book that the main characters who we have been following until this point would not be appearing. I started this book more than once and until May I was notContinue reading “Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas Book Review”

5 Reasons all Slytherins should Smirk…or Smile

I have managed to get this far in my book blog without mentioning Harry Potter so I thought my first post after my review of the Philosopher’s stone I would share my Harry Potter house.  I am a Slytherin.  Now don’t unfollow me just yet, I am going to give 4 reasons that Slytherins shouldContinue reading “5 Reasons all Slytherins should Smirk…or Smile”