Cress by Merissa Meyer a Review

This is my review for the third book in the Lunar Chronicles by Merissa Meyer. This book like the previous ones is a fairytale retelling; this one is loosely based on Rapunzel set in the same dystopian world of the previous two books.  While I have previously read Cress reading it with the aim ofContinue reading “Cress by Merissa Meyer a Review”

An Open Letter on Shakespeare

On Thursday it was Shakespeare’s Birthday (well his generally recognised one at least) as such I thought in celebration I could write about him in my new Open Letter series.    Now if you grew up in the schooling system in the UK it is highly likely that you will have studied a Shakespeare play atContinue reading “An Open Letter on Shakespeare”

An Open Letter for Earth Day 2020

This is a little out of my usual writings but it is an important topic which I am passionate about and today is a good day to do so. Global Warming is a hot topic on Earth Day as it highlights the impact that humans are having on the environment and the challenges that weContinue reading “An Open Letter for Earth Day 2020”

Choose your next book from your TBR list

A couple of weeks ago I shared my love hate relationship with my seemingly ever growing TBR list, and it is not getting any easier to choose the next book from it.  First on first off If you use a notebook or bullet journal to track your TBR list this is probably one of theContinue reading “Choose your next book from your TBR list”


This is the sequel to Cinder, and the second book in the Lunar Chronicles by Merissa Meyer.  Scarlett is loosely based on Red Riding Hood, while set in the dystopian world which was introduced to us in Cinder.   The plot of this book is much stronger than the previous one, there are more mysteries toContinue reading “SCARLET BY MERISSA MEYER”