5 Reasons all Slytherins should Smirk…or Smile

I have managed to get this far in my book blog without mentioning Harry Potter so I thought my first post after my review of the Philosopher’s stone I would share my Harry Potter house.  I am a Slytherin.  Now don’t unfollow me just yet, I am going to give 4 reasons that Slytherins shouldContinue reading “5 Reasons all Slytherins should Smirk…or Smile”

Choose your next book from your TBR list

A couple of weeks ago I shared my love hate relationship with my seemingly ever growing TBR list, and it is not getting any easier to choose the next book from it.  First on first off If you use a notebook or bullet journal to track your TBR list this is probably one of theContinue reading “Choose your next book from your TBR list”

How to get out of a Reading Slump

This blog post is addressing an issue that every reader goes through at some point, the dreaded reading slump.  I have been in a reading slump since the first of the month. For the readers who set themselves high targets of the number of books they want to read or those who are meant toContinue reading “How to get out of a Reading Slump”