My Expirence with Audiobooks So Far

I know I have been a little hit and miss so far this month I am aiming to publish my next review on the 15th…fingers crossed. Thus far this month has been a bit difficult finding time to read. So I made the effort that during the recent weekend I started to listen to aContinue reading “My Expirence with Audiobooks So Far”

3 Reasons Twlight is Overhyped

In my previous post I wrote about a series that I thought was underhyped (if you want to read it you can do so here). Today I want to write three reasons I think Twlight was overhyped. Now don’t mistake me I have read it and I did so when Twlight was being read byContinue reading “3 Reasons Twlight is Overhyped”

My Favourite Under-hyped Series

Every reader, gamer and film watcher has their favourite series. For me growing up my favourite was certainly Harry Potter. As I have discovered more and more series, I have had a few new series to add to my favourites list, most of which you will have heard of. Today, however, I wanted to writeContinue reading “My Favourite Under-hyped Series”