Review of City of Glass by Cassandra Clare

This is the third in the Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare. I will do a full series wrap up but as I have recently read the first and second books but did not yet have this platform so I didn’t take notes for my reviews. Now as a completionist not having the other books on here will probably irritate me but unless I reread them in the future…. I am not going to write a review… well not at this point in time.

Book cover of City of Glass by Cassandra Clare, Book three of the Mortal Instruments series

In this book you come to know most of the characters more intimately which allows the reader to understand the characters motivations. One thing that I really love is that with the explination of the characters the reader is left to decide if the character, is a bad person or just someone who made the wrong decisions. It also reveals a number of things about some of their fears and prejudices helps you to see that people can change and you can if you have the right motivation.

There was a lot of hints and foreshadowing in the previous books which pull together perfectly.

There were a number of plot elements within the book that I managed to predict however this did not detract from my over all enjoyment of the plot. Maybe that just says that I read too many young adult novels.

The settings are strong and this is the first time that the reader sees the home of the Shadowhunters. In some places I personally felt that there was too much description which could distract me from understanding or keeping track with what the characters were doing.

A lot happens within the 400 pages of this book, there is a lot of action and it explores what would you do to ensure that your family are safe. The book helps to explore the true nature of families, those who impact on your life most. For some people that is their closest friends and for others it is one particular family member. Exploring the relationships between these characters and seeing them overcome some of their fears and prejudices helps you to see that people can change and you can if you have the right motivation.

This book feels like it could have been the end of the series, but there are still another three books for me to wade through.

I am going to give this book 3 stars. I would read it again, and I was emotionally invested in the characters but there were some improvements which could have been made.


Have you read this series? Do you think the third book felt the it would have been a good ending? What should I read after this series?

5 Shocking Books I am yet to Read

Now while it is early in my blogging it isn’t in my reading. As such today I have listed 5 books it may shock you that I haven’t yet read.

Game of Thrones book cover
Game of Thrones

1. Game of Thrones – George R.R Martin

Now while this is by no means an easy read, it is certainly in one of my usual favourite genres, Fantasy. Not only that but as my other half has read them and told me not only that he enjoyed them but that I would too…they are sitting temptingly on one of the bookcases in our home.

I made the decision a couple of years ago to not start reading series until they are finished. This is due to my impatience, I hate it when I have to wait a year for the next book in a series to come out. I like being able to submerge myself into a world and not have to come out of it in between volumes. When you have to wait a year to read the next book that is not possible. I also have the bad habit when browsing in a bookshop of picking a book in the middle of a series and then having to back track all the way to the beginning in order to thoroughly enjoy the book.

These are famously not yet completed and despite this the television series is. I have not watched any of the television series, or cracked open those ever tempting books. This has meant that I have not had masses of small talk of the past few years but I am sticking to my guns, I do not want to ruin the books…. now if only George R.R. Martin would get writing so I can get my teeth into this series.

Romeo and Juliet book cover
Romeo and Juliet

2. Romeo and Juliette – William Shakespeare

In the UK for most GCSE’s the above play is toiled over by fifteen and sixteen year old’s doing their best to read some Shakespeare and often more frustratingly to understand some Shakespeare. I assume the numerous teachers up and down the country choose this one because it has become a fairly popular storyline in a number of other books down the years and there are a few film versions of the play . My teacher on the other hand chose Macbeth.

There are a number of advantages to Macbeth, the imagery used helps you to remember the key quotes and it in in some places easier to understand. This is on my to be read list, but I am in no hurry to get there.

Lord of the Flies book cover
Lord of the Flies

3. Lord of the Flies – William Golding

This is another story that most people manage to get to during their schooling…yet again I did not. I am not sure what I read instead (it has been a long time since I was last in school) but I have been told about the concept and the idea behind it which does interest me. I will probably leave it languishing on my to be read pile for a while longer.

The Fault in our Stars book cover
The Fault in our Stars

4. The Fault in our Stars – John Green

Unfortunately this will most likely stay unread by me at least. I tend to cry at the slightest provocation when it comes to characters I care about in books. This one would no doubt have me in pieces (according to the synopsis). I am sure that the book is an amazing piece of fiction but I would not be able to get through it without a throbbing head and a runny nose.

Divergent book cover

5. Divergent Series

This is on my to be read pile…. I just haven’t gotten to it… yet.

Which of these books shocked you most? Have you got any that would shock other people? Let me know below

Mort by Terry Pratchett Book Review

Happy New year, with fireworks
Happy New Year

In my first post on Indulgent Readers, I wrote my aims for the year and promised a book review of Mort by Terry Pratchett and I am back to do so (see this accoutabilty idea is already working!). I had read Mort before but it was the first time I had done so through critical eyes. I enjoyed the book, possibly just as much if not more than my first read through.

Mort Book cover

With a lot of Terry Pratchett books, you can read them time and time again and still find new things to laugh at. Or rediscover old jokes which you still find amusing. Mort is the fourth book of the Discworld series and the first to concentrate on the character Death. The premise of the book is that Death decides that he needs a human apprentice, and the story unravels from there. The book explores predestination and the human condition with a generous sprinkling of humour.

The plot is interesting and well thought out and there are no sections of the book which are extraneous to the plot. The narration is consistent and while the book is written in third person it jumps from following one character to another. This writing device also allows the plot to unravel for each character in a way which is often reflected in film or television, it can be a little jaring if you are not used to this style of writing but you get used to it quickly. The further through the book you get the more you want to reach the end to find out what happens and the pace of the book reflects this.

The characters are well developed and relatable. There are parts of Princess Keli’s character which are a little clichéd however over the course of the plot she matures and due to this character development she stops being the cliché and becomes a strong leader. My favourite character in the Discworld series is Death, so while my opinion my be biased I cannot help but empathise with the character. It is understandable that humans do not want to be around him (especailly if you have had a bit of a sniffle recently). Death is frustrated by the limitations of his existence. When I am completely honest with myself I also occasionally feel this way (and I hope that is is not just me). As the story continues Death starts losing parts of himself and wishes he could be someone else which everyone in the world will have done at some point. Most likely with the same outcome, slipping back to your old life.

As the book is one of the first in the series I was expecting there to be a little more world building. I am glad that there wasn’t, what world building there is well distributed within the plot and the descriptions all fit in well with the narration. The only description which I found a little jarring was when Mort is in Ankh-Morpork for the first time, then again Ankh-Morpork is quite a jarring place.

This book helped me to consider the idea of predestination and if everything is predestined can it ever be changed? I had never really considered the possibility of predestination before and I am not entirely certain if it does exist or not but this book has certainly given me food for thought.

The humour used is very dry and sarcastic, which certainly appeals to me, and despite the fact that this is not my first time reading I still found new parts which amused me (there was even one part that I ‘sang’ in my head rather than spoke… first time I noticed that, it also took me another half a page of reading to realise why..)

The book is a comedic fantasy is suitable for anyone over twelve to read, though there are a number of misquotes and jokes which you may only understand as you age (it took me a few years before I even recognised one of the jokes…). Before I met my partner I had not read any of Terry Pratchett and he and his family all love Terry Pratchett and over the length of our relationship I have slowly started to love the series.

If you have never read a Discworld novel before then please be aware that the official start of the series (The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic) is not the way that the rest are written so if you found the first one or two difficult the writing does change significantly.

I am going to give Mort a 4 star rating I thorougly enjoyed the book but I was able to do other things without wishing I was still reading.


Have you read Mort? Let me know what you thought in the comments.

2020 Aims

2020 is looming large and instead of promising myself that I will read more this year, I am promising you.

Yesterday I spent two hours tidying up my To Be Read list. I removed a number of books which I am no longer interested in reading and added a few more. It is often at this time of year that resolutions are made and are usually broken by the middle of January.

I am not doing that this year.

I am going to read 40 books this year (1.5 books per week) and I am aiming to review all of them on here. This is a big commitment for me as my aim in 2019 was 27 books, which I only just scraped by on 29 December.

My TBR list is not too large at the moment, but I know that reading in high volume tends to mean that you end up adding to your list. The bookcases at home are bulging and I have started keeping my TBR pile under my desk so it is easy to just grab my next book.

My usual genres are Fantasy, Crime, Thrillers and Young Adult, though I do pick up other genres and series of books on occasion.

I am hoping that reviewing the books for you and being able to discuss them will motivate me to read more and find some people who share the same tastes.

In preparation for this undertaking I have already started reading my first book of 2020 (shh….don’t tell anyone, it counts if you finish it in the year right?) which is a rather battered well loved copy of Mort by Terry Pratchett. This is not my first time reading the book but it is a book I enjoy and I felt it made sense to start with I book I already know I like.

Do you have any books that you enjoy every time you have read them? If so let me kow about them in the comments below.