Lunar Chronicles Series Wrap Up

This is Indulgent Readers first ever series wrap up so if there is anything else you want me to include in future ones please let me know! 

If you have been following my blog recently you will know that I recently finished reading the four main books of the Lunar Chronicles. This series by Merisssa Meyer is a young adult dystopian fantasy.  Each of the four novels contribute to an intricate plot line whilst also being based on separate traditional fairy tales. I have individually reviewed the books and I linked those reviews below if you would like to read them before this. 

Review of Cinder book 1 

Review of Scarlet book 2 

Review of Cress book 3

Review of Winter book 4 

The Lunar Chronicles highlights a number of themes. The key them which is highlighted in all the books is discrimination.The discrimination of Cyborgs is explored, and by the end of the series is addressed by at least one of the world leaders.  While the technology allowed cyborgs to continue with their normal life after losing a limb, individuals were also worried about what this could mean longer term and the inkling of doubt spread into hatred.  Cinder  highlights that not all cyborgs had a choice about their operations and in some cases come to resent the changes which were implemented into their lives.  Cinder is an extreme example, having an inbuilt computer and a partially synthetic heart. 

Lunars are also discriminated against, due to fear.  This is a much more rational fear, that you will be manipulated into feeling a certain way or being forced to do something against your will.  It is also shown that this strength that the Lunars have comes with a challenge.  There are a number of Lunars that are encountered within the book that show the deterioration of the mind that Lunar’s go through if they choose not to use their gift.  It highlights that while you may be justified in your fear of something, there may not be anything that can be done about it. 

Within the Lunar community there is also discrimination of those who do not have the skill to manipulate others or be manipulated.  This is particularly difficult, these children are born and then taken from their families simply due to a mutation at birth.  

I feel that the author is trying to show you that discrimination happens everywhere and in all walks of life. While you can be open minded about everything if you do not speak up then you are preventing the progress of understanding and awareness about the topic. 

Loyalty is another theme which is key and appears in each of the books.  Cinder has to decide if she is loyal to the only kingdom she had ever known, or the place of her birth; Scarlett has to work out if her companions are trustworthy and if she can trust that they will put their lives on the line to rescue her; Winter shows us that she is loyal first and foremost to the people of Lunar rather than her step mother.  Each of these characters have to take some time to assess if the people that you are with are loyal if you can put your life in their hands and know that they would do the same for you. As I listed above you can be loyal to many things and sometimes this brings conflicting priorities, such as Cinder wanting to remain loyal to the Commonwealth she grew up in while also having trying to survive and overthrow a  potential threat. 

But I think my favourite theme is the traditional good versus bad senario.  This appears in most books, and it is certainly involved in most fairytales.  The series explores the good versus bad in a number of the character’s and in the main storyline, and the book highlights that good and bad is not as clear as black and white.  There is a grey middle, where you can look at items to see only the positive or good qualities or look at it and only see the bad. I love the choice to explore the challenging facets which are often reflected in real life, the author is sharing with us that the key is in the choices we make. You are not inherently bad or good because of a specific character flaw, but the over all choices we make in life are what brings those positive and negative traits to light. 

Overall this book series is very thorught provoking and make me feel that everyone an make a difference in the world.  This book series is well written and thought provoking set of stories.  If you enjoy young adult fantasy you may enjoy this series as it has much to offer.  The first book is a very different from the rest of the series so if you do struggle with the first book, don’t give up on them. 

What are your main takeaways from this series? 

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone a Review

The first book of the Harry Potter series, written by J. K Rowling was my first read of Medievalathon, and it covered the prompt for a book which has yellowed over time. This book is practically a classic for those who read young adult books, and there is an entire generation including me who read it as they grew up.

Hrry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J. K. Rowling Book Cover

This book is the introduction not only to the wizarding world but the characters that a number of people not only grew up with but fell in love with.  The Dursleys who are disliked by the vast majority of people because of the way they treat Harry, the Weasley’s who adopt Harry almost immediately, from helping him to get onto the Platform to giving him a Christmas present and inviting him to stay for the summer. And out leading man, Harry Potter.  

In this book the characters have a very black and white view this reflects the youth and understanding of the characters.  This is seen in Hermione’s view that everyone should follow every rule in the book, until she realises that sometimes breaking the rules can be a good thing, such as her rescue from the Troll.   

Ron and Harry both demonstrate that they are willing to break the rules to either help a friend or for the greater good.  Ron is also seen to trust his family despite his jealousy according to the mirror of erised.  When he knows he can rely on his family which is something that Harry has never really experienced. 

The book is well written and the way the magical elements of the world are revealed is like soaking in a lovely warm bath.  Seeing Vernon Dursley reacting to the people wearing cloaks, to Diagon Alley, we are taken on a tour of the magical world a little at a time, much like when you are exploring a new area that you have moved to. 

There are a number of themes explored in the book loyalty being a key component.  Hagrid’s loyalty to Dumbledore by keeping Fluffy’s weakness a secret,  the loyalty to one’s house, loyalty to your friends, and for Neville choosing your loyalty between your friend and your house.  Each of these show that the bonds that bind friendships are complex but if you can trust someone to be loyal then you can face anything. 

Another theme of this book is bravery, though this probably isn’t a shock given what the Gryffindor house stands for.  There is the bravery that Neville shows when facing insurmountable odds fighting with Goyle and Crabbe despite knowing that he would very clearly loose, or Harry and Ron’s bravery to face the Mountain Troll which could have killed them rather than leaving Hermione to face it alone. 

Reading this book made me feel nostalgic.  This series is one of the reasons I fell in love with reading.  I was younger and much more innocent to the world the first time I read this book. I thought that school was one of the only things that mattered.  Everyone grows up and takes on new responsibilities but while reading this I remembered what it felt like to have a black and white view on the world. To think that every problem had a simple solution.


I am giving this 5 stars.  While the book is not the masterpiece that the series became you can see the broad brushstrokes being laid for the later intricacies which created the characters and series that an entire generation came to love. 

Winter by Merissa Meyer a Book Review


I asked on Twitter if you wanted to see a separate series wrap up to the book,  it got a 100% agreement for the separated wrap up (there was only one response so thank you to whoever that was!). As such this review is simply based on Winter and the Series Wrap up will be following soon. 

Winter is the fourth book of the Lunar Chronicles by Merissa Meyer.  If you weren’t already aware these books are each based on a traditional fairytale, this on being Snow White.  Winter is the final installment in the original series and I certainly whizzed through it. 

Winter, 4 book in the Lunar Chronicles Series by Merissa Meyer book cover

In this book we get to learn a lot about the Lunar Culture and get to meet the Princess Winter, whose step-mother is the queen and is not comfortable with her step-daughter.  There is also a lot of development of Queen Levena’s character and while she is tyrannical we gain a deeper understanding of why she became that way.  

This installment also explores the Lunar way of life and shows the disparity between the rich and favoured, and the poor and forgotten.  However it also shows that the forgotten people can be very strong and in cases overpower the ruling elite. 

This book is fast paced and neatly ties up all the plots included in the Lunar Chronicles.  After the end of the main plot each of the characters had a chapter to finalise each of their story lines and romances. 

One of the themes of this book is rebellion. Most people will rebel against something, mine was pop music.  Winter is rebellious in a polite way, she chooses her battles well and  when she does she will do all she can to win that battle.  Whereas the citizen’s of Luna rebel completely, they go to war, which is almost the complete opposite of Winter’s gentle approach.

 Another key theme in this book is trust.  The Queen doesn’t trust anyone, her court, her Thurmatages, and her servants. Everyone around the queen is brainwashed, she never lets anyone see her true self, and this lack of trust becomes her downfall.  Cinder has no choice but to put trust in those around her.  The trust that Cress will be able to shut down the camera systems, or to trust Wolf to find somewhere they can be safe on Lunar.  This disparity between their characters is one of the reasons that Cinder could be seen as a better leader.  When leaders trust those around them, they can rely on the experts in their fields to advise on their decisions, and usually a good and strong leader would not overrule them. 

The final theme I am going to mention iis Fate. Fate and predestination is something that a lot of people speak about and you usually believe in it or you don’t. However the way that the story unfolds is very fairy tale like, they always seem to have the expert they need as and when they need it. But the other element of predestination, Cinder was always supposed to be queen, she may have turned out just like her Aunt, or her mother.  A dictator, which she didn’t due to the dicrimination and other challenges she faced being brought up on earth.  She became a better leader because of her experiences and therefore she was in a better position to be a fair queen. 


I am giving this book a solid 5 stars.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and  despite it’s length managed to read it in three days which really shocked me. 

April Wrap Up

It has been an interesting month, and 2020 has so far been an extremely interesting year, hopefully the rest of the year is a little calmer and less challenging for everyone.  I have been one of the lucky ones who is still working. But I have realised there are great perks to working at home like the extra time for writing blog posts! 

April Warp up

I certainly feel as though I have pulled myself out of the slump I was in last month and I read 2169 pages this month.  I am hoping to increase that this month but we will have to wait and see.  I have officially finished 4 books this month, my favourite book of the month was Cress. As I really love how quietly determined her character can be.  

Cress by Marissa Meyer book three of the Lunar Chronicles

This month I completed 3 Reviews which I am hoping will be higher this month as I am most of the way through drafting the next one which should be out on Wednesday. 

My first review of the month was of Cinder by Marissa Meyer. The first book of the Lunar Chronicles and while I enjoyed it, the book only received four stars as the book does feel like build up.

The second review of the month was Scarlet, the second book of the Lunar Chronicles Series.

My third review was Cress as mentioned above.

I did write a few other posts this month which I have listed below in case you haven’t yet seen them.

Stardust: Film vs Book – this is one of my all time favourite films, and as I recently read the book I thought it only right that I took the time to compare them.

24 Young Adult Series to Read During Lockdown – given the current situation across the globe, there are many people who are currently at home with very little to-do so I thought when would there be a better time to do a list of series for those who love young adult books to read.

Choose your next book from your TBR – If your TBR list is anything like mine this post may give you some ideas on how to choose your next book from your TBR.

An Open Letter for Earth Day 2020 – It was the 50th birthday of Earth Day so I celebrated by sharing a few books that may help everyone be more infomred about the challenges faceing the planet.

An Open Letter on Shakespeare – Shakespeare’s birthday is 23rd of April, it is also widely recognised as his death day as such I thought it prudent to write a little about the Bard who has influenced so many pieces of literature.

Medievalathon TBR – this was an extra post on a non-sceduled day but I thought it woas important to publish it before Medievalathon offically started. If I do manage to get through all the books on my TBR it my take a few weeks to write up the reviews.  I will be updating on a daily basis on Twitter  so if you want to know how I am doing you can follow me @IndulgentReade1 

I have added a few more to my TBR list this month, when you are involved in a readathon it can increase your TBR I have found.

My Medievalathon TBR

This isn’t in my usual posting schedule but I wanted to give everyone a chance to take part if they wanted to (but it starts 2 hours after I have finsihed this). This readathon is hosted by

and you can follow @medevialathon on Twitter if you want to get involved.  Holly has uploaded some lovely graphics to go with her prompts. 

Medieval-a-thon TBR

This is my first readathon and I have got books for 16 of the 18 prompts, I am hoping to read them all but if not I want to read at least half of them.  

A book that has yellowed over time

Harry Potter and the Philosphers Stone by J.K Rowling Book Cover

I knew my version of Harry Potter had yellowed with time so this was instantly on my list. I then worked out that this book is 17 years old, so it certainly deserves to be yellowed.

A Pristine Book

Skulduggery Pleasant

This book has been read, but I do enjoy my books to not look like they have been read. This means you can look at my book case and either instantly tell the books that I really love, or spot the ones my other half has borrowed as he doesn’t have the same feeling on this. 

A Shiny Cover

Tower of Dawn sixth book of the Thrones of Glass series by Sarah J Maas book cover

My longer term viewers maybe glad that this one is here. I was on a roll and only had 2 books of the series left and the prequel and they got pushed aside for something else!  Well I am hoping to at least get this one finished this month!

A Book with Your Favourite Colour on the Spine

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkabhan

Purple is currently my favourite colour (long term it just seems silly to settle on a favourite colour forever…I just can’t commit), a lovely re-read as well 

A book under 300 Pages

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets By J K Rowling

I did consider one of the Percy Jackson novels for this but instead I went for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Luckily it squeezed in as I would have felt silly reading the first and third and completely ignoring this one.

A book with Green on the Cover

Earthsea Quartet by Ursula Le Guin book cover

This is a book which I was bought for my birthday last year by my other half. So it made the list as I have been feeling a little guilty that I have not even read the blurb! My version has the first four books in one book… my question is now do I just read the first one given the number of books I am already reading… you will just have to wait and see.

A Dragon on the Cover

Eragon Book 1 of the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini

I thought I would take the opportunity to get another book that had been loitering on my TBR list read…I will just need to finish the series at some point! 

Something Sharp on the Cover

City of Heavenly Fire  Book 6 in Mortal Insturments Series by Cassandra Clare

Longer term readers will know I have been slowly making my way through the Mortal Instruments series and I couldn’t resist adding this in for my something sharp. I am aware that this version doesn’t have a weapon on iit but I promise the version on my bookcase does!

Start or Finish a Duology

Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo

This one had me digging through the depths of my TBR as it seems I either read stand alone books or series.  Eventually I spotted Six of Crows,  I only hope I really enjoy it so it encourages me to read more Duologies.

A Romance

The Princess Bride by William Goldman  Book Cover

When I saw this I almost kicked myself having recently finished the Lunar Chronicles, but then I remembered that I wanted to read A Princess Bride, as the film is so lovely that I couldn’t help but want to read the book. 

A Heavy Book

Kingdom of Ash book seven of the Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J Maas.  book cover

The last installment of the Throne of Glass series.. A whopping 980 pages,  I don’t know if i should start with this book to get my biggest read out of the way or attempt it mid month having read a couple of shorter books. 

A Book With High Expectations

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss Kingkiller Chronicles book 1

This is a book my one of my close friends bought me for christmas and it has been languishing on my bookcase, both my friend and other half highly recommend this book so I have high expectations for it.  

A book which is on a high shelf

The second book in the Inheritance Cycle hopefully to kick me into gear and finish the series 

A book title beginning with C 

The fifth installment of the Mortal Instruments series… if you have been paying attention you will have noticed I am aiming to finish the series this month.

A Tall Hardcover 

Book three of the Trals of appoloo series The Tyrans Tomb by Rick Riordan book Cover

The Tyrants Tomb, yet another one that I have said multiple times that I am going to read it… guess what…I am going to read it! 

Orange on the Cover

As I had Skullduggery Pleasant Playing with Fire as my pristine book so I had a look and noticed some orange on this cover. 

For me to read all of these I need to read about 200 pages per day which with working 8 hours a day maybe tricky.  Luckily there are 2 bank holidays in the UK in May and I have the first off to get a head start.  I may also sneak a Buddy read in if I can find a friend to do it with.

I am also canvasing on Twitter about if you want to see a separate Series Wrap up for my recently completed Series. So if you haven’t had your say yet it is running until Saturday when I usually post so please feedback. If you don’t know my twitter username is @Indulgentreade1.