Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse Review

The weekend was a long one for me, I got in the car on Sunday evening, for the first time since March.  It was a shock for me to realise this.  I have not been in a car for a quarter of the year.  Clearly I do not really need them in my life, whichContinue reading “Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse Review”

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters By Rick Riordan

My Reading has picked up over the last few days, since I fully committed to taking part in the Read The Olymipcs 2020 Readathon.  I am very pleased about this as I was started to fall behind on my reading challenge.  But I started rereading the Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan and I managedContinue reading “Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters By Rick Riordan”